Streetdance & Hip Hop | Wednesdays 15:15 - 16:15 | Classes: PP-P2

12 week course | From 14.09.2022 until 07.12.2022

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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls


12 week course. From 14.09.2022 until 07.12.2022. 60 Minuten per class unit.

Dance is not just dance.

In our extraordinary, varied course "Streetdance & Hip Hop" the children start a dance journey of cultures

Whether it's the rhythm of Latin America or the Nordic touch, each country has its own dance style, and that's exactly what we'll explore over the 12 weeks.

With different guest dance trainers, the children will get to know the variety of dances and thus get their bodies and minds moving in a whole new way. 

Get ready for an unforgettable dance journey.

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