Movement, Motor Skills & Balance | Tuesdays 15:15 - 16:15 | Classes: PP-P2

12 week motor skills & balance course for the children of PP-P2. From 13.09.2022 until 06.12.2022

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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls

12 week course. From 13.09.2022 until 06.12.2022. 60 Minuten per class unit.

The goals of the course have their origin in the importance of movement and socializing

We offer the holistic promotion of the children's overall personality and learning through movement, as well as the strengthening of the self-concept, which gives the children the opportunity to get to know their body and their person. We teach social competence through playing together, which gives weaker but also stronger children confidence in their own motor skills. We give joy in moving, but also in the willingness to make contact and social interaction.

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